$$$ October Jackpot $$$

All Aerie and Auxiliary Members can sign daily

Make sure you sign our jackpot book daily and if your name is drawn, you could be a winner of the jackpot.
We are open at 11:00 am and the drawing is at 11:00 pm each day we are open.
Only paid up Aerie and Auxiliary members are eligible.


October names drawn:
Diane Rolfzen, Donald Jones, Michael Prosby, Keith Hovland, Kenneth DeKray, Greg Mueller, Eric Jacobson, Ronald Wendel, Mike Cornell (Winner), Rakyma Fiegen, Dennis Heit, James Jorgenson, Richard Hass, Robyn Matthys, LeRoy Neubauer, Pat Bayley, Erin Metcalf, Jennifer Peterson, Maurice Pederson, Jerry Idland, Walter Jorissen, Ann Bruns, Chad Schrenk, John Triebold, William Gonzales

Ron King

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