$$$ November Jackpot $$$

All Aerie and Auxiliary Members can sign daily

Make sure you sign our jackpot book daily and if your name is drawn, you could be a winner of the jackpot.
We are open at 11:00 am and the drawing is at 11:00 pm each day we are open.
Only paid up Aerie and Auxiliary members are eligible.


November names drawn:
Steven Jaskoviak, Wayne Christ, Robert Maresh, Greg Bischoff, Bryan Kalina(Winner), Gail Davidson, Donna Meidinger, Jody Jacobson, Marlyn Maasjo, Brian Mindt, Jonathan Moritz, Gerald Harrington, Alvin Kurtz, Kerwin Kostad, Oris Hintzman, James Retterath, Gary Geisinger, Diane Rasmussun, Mavis Stearns, Jerome Johnson, Allen Marler, Larry Hetland, Marlyn Maasjo, Ronald Sauer, Mary Berntson, JoAnne Pithey, Brady Retterath, Randy eger, Greg Bischoff, Arthur Stensgard, Wilbur Schlecht, Ryan Mathias, Mae Oss, Julius Schrenk, Ryan Mathias, Jerome Gruman, Richard Gulman

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