$$$$ July $$$$ Jackpot $$$$

All Aerie and Auxiliary Members can sign daily

Make sure you sign our jackpot book daily and if your name is drawn, you could be a winner of the jackpot.
We are open at 11:00 am and the drawing is at 11:00 pm each day we are open.
Only paid up Aerie and Auxiliary members are eligible.


June names drawn:
Jerome Johnson, Kent Kosse, Stanley Orness, Mary Berntson, Alice Wendel, Rodger Berntson, Judy Bowen, Brenda Swanberg, Kathy Demers, Brandon Myers, Quentin Larson, Michael Schroeder, Randy Anderson, Dawn Lausch, Brian Larson, Deborah Koepplin, Beverly Vernig, Perry Kapaun, Michael Morehouse, Charlene Windish, Tasha Jorgensen, Josh lagein, Jodi Kvien, Jon Jury, Charles Olson, Roland Priewe, Rodney Rosenau.

Ron King

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