All Aerie and Auxiliary Members can sign daily

Make sure you sign our jackpot book daily and if your name is drawn, you could be a winner of the jackpot.
We are open at 11:00 am and the drawing is at 11:00 pm each day we are open.
Only paid up Aerie and Auxiliary members are eligible.


November names drawn:
Richard Smith, Elizabeth Oppegaard, Hal Klinger, Jim Lochow, Quentin Murray, Kevin Christiansen, Gerald Gerntholz, Ken Kohler Jr., Greg Muelier, Dale Maasjo, Gary Grieve, Elizabeth Oppegaard, Pat Sorensen, Don Triebold, Michael Nelson, Robert Johnson, Wade Hesch, Luke Nelson, Henry Middlestead (Winner), Laura Vanasperen, Charlene Windish, Thomas Liebold, Margaret Gunderson, Corey Kresse, Wayne Nelson, Mitch Lugwig, Luther Dietrich, Allen Hoyt

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